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We can find the top people in the market to meet your company's needs. We are constantly building connections, developing talent networks, and profiling individual talent information. This helps us give you the required insight into the skills, background, motivations, and expectations of each candidate to properly assess them.

We take the time to get to know your company, so we can gain a thorough understanding of the business, the organizational structure, the company values, objectives, and culture.

Through this process, we can efficiently recommend candidates for your company that have the required knowledge, training, and experience.

We offer a vast range of services catering to your every need


For all of your short-term project-based needs, you can count on us to provide you with the most qualified, experienced professionals.

Contract to Hire

This ‘try before you commit’ option lets you evaluate a candidate’s skill and analyze team compatibility before bringing them on board full-time.

Direct Hire

Investing in a long-term partnership is a daunting task. Let us do the work for you and find a resource that aligns with the long-term goals of your business.

We don't just send you shortlisted candidates; we engage with you at each stage of the process by conducting background checks, scheduling interviews, and assisting with the onboarding process.

Our Process for IT Staffing




For all of your short-term project-based needs, you can count on us to provide you with the most qualified, experienced professionals.




We source candidates from our internal database, network, and referrals.



Screening Process

We understand that our applicants represent your organization and must be ambassadors of your firm. We speak to each candidate, review the profile, and ensure that we are only working with people we know or who are in our network.




We not only send profiles to you; we also facilitate the interview process. Before the candidate joins the project, we work with you through onboarding and any other required formalities.




We stay connected with you and promptly respond to any concerns you encounter and welcome feedback so that we can better our processes and meet and exceed your expectations

A vision to create a talent ecosystem that matches the best talents with great opportunities.

Every talent in our network has been audited and qualified on the parameters below.

Outstanding Communication : Vetted through a comprehensive AI-powered English communication test that measures speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, fluency, expression clarity, and speed of speech.

Culturally adaptable : Compatible with the basic values, vision, principles, and identity of the firm and able to adapt, understand, and evolve accordingly.

Available across time zones : Our network includes people working in a variety of time zones, so we have someone who can start working with you and fits your local time zone.

Super Sound in technology : Each applicant undergoes a comprehensive skill evaluation that is tailored specifically to the position.

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